Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hypnosis How To

Hi and welcome to hypnosis how to, a blog that will teach you how you can hypnotize anyone as well as use self hypnosis (also called auto-suggestion) to stop smoking using hypnotism cds, video, audio course scripts online. First we'll start off with one of the easier points of how to hypnotize someone - they're called weasel phrases or embedded commands.

Weasel Phrases and Embedded Commands

Weasel phrases are words that are slipped in between other words so that when you say the two words together, the weasel phrase is heard. The embedded command is picked up on by the subconcous mind, while the unconcous mind doesn't realize that it was even said. That's the perfect covert hypnosis command.

Here's an example: The words loose exchange when said together produce the word sex in the middle. Say them out loud a few times and see for yourself. Here's a video as an introduction to weasel phrases:

For advanced training in how to use covert hypnosis (i.e. hypnotism on those who don't expect it) to control others start here.

How To Hypnotize Anyone...